Most of today’s homeowners have at least daydreamed about installing home theaters in their basements or other areas of their homes at some point. Those who are more up-to-date on current trends may have heard the term “custom media room” thrown around, as well. Those who are seriously considering renovating an area of their homes to provide a dedicated space for entertainment can read on to find out about the differences between home theaters and custom media rooms below.

Traditional Home Theaters

Traditional home theaters are dedicated, typically windowless rooms that are used exclusively for viewing movies or television with the family. They often feature reclining theater seats and other little touches that remind viewers of a genuine theater. This may sound great, but unfortunately, these traditional home theaters can be somewhat limiting.

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Media Rooms

Media rooms are a little bit less restrictive than traditional home theaters. They are designed to be multi-purpose entertainment areas that offer a space for family members and friends to watch sports and movies, play video games, listen to music, and more. These more versatile media rooms can still offer all the same benefits of a full, traditional home theater but they’re less expensive to install and can be used for a wider array of purposes.


Home Theater Packages

Want all the benefits of both worlds? Homeowners who want to make sure that their families will be able to enjoy watching movies together without dedicating an entire room to creating a specialized home theater have plenty of other options. Home theater packages come with 4k televisions and high-quality speaker systems and can be installed in media rooms just as easily as in dedicated home theaters.


Cost Concerns

Home theater packages range significantly in price, so readers should try to come up with a budget well before they buy. Keep in mind that more expensive packages tend to come with larger, higher-quality screens, more speakers, and even theater chairs, which helps to compensate for their higher cost. The best way for homeowners who want a high-quality media room to decide what kind of equipment to install is to schedule an in-home consultation with a home theater specialist.


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